Body Painting is the art of drawing on the body.
One of the directions of body art, but unlike a tattoo and other ways of decorating the body it is temporary.

Starting from the 1960s, painting on the body began to develop in the West, as part of a change of public morals in the direction of greater freedoms. Gradually body art has been used for exhibitions and performances, commercial purposes, and advertising.

Kateryna and Iryna Magas do face and body painting since 2003.
Each year of their work can be seen on the Lilac Festival, the festival, which opens the season of festivals, as well as at many other events, such as the Stampede breakfast, Christmas parties, Corporate events and Birthdays.
Their body painting work differ in color and originality.

Kateryna and Iryna took part in the Northern American Body Painting Championship in 2009, where they have passed the First Round and were held in Final.

Also, they participated in Canadian competition for body artists from across Canada to earn the title of the best in Canada. At the end of the competition, their work has received the Second place.
2004 – Football Team Painting
2005 – Canada Day – Private Event
2007 – Fringe Fest
2007 – Interior Fashion Show
2008 – Brest Cancer Fashion Show. Pink Rose
2008 – Canadian Body-Art Championship – 2 place
2009 – North-American Body Painting Competition
2010-present – Private Events


Body Painting in Calgary